About EaaSi Carbon

About Us - EaaSi Carbon®

Drive sustainability and social impact through technology

We are a UK based impact platform that helps small to medium sized businesses track, understand and report on their carbon emissions whilst automating the collection of their emissions data, zero touch, as much as possible, to make the whole process a positive and engaging experience.

We also aid their move towards Net Zero by providing ethical and transparent options for switching their business energy to green energy supplier tariffs, whilst using technology to provide a whole host of additional benefits and services currently unparalleled.



Our Mission


Is to empower businesses to drive

sustainability and social impact

through technology.


A disruptor in our industry, we are ahead of the curve. While the products available on the platform are not unique, the way in which they are brought together and utilised to provide a solution that is unique. The platform uses AI to creatively gather information and advise on the best course of action to get the best result.

We are transparent and openly declare all commission charges that are usually hidden on switching sites. This means our customers know exactly where their money or investment is being spent. This commission has also been ethically capped. Something else other providers do not do.

Our Vision


To be recognised as the ultimate platform for educating and empowering organisations and their people to drive sustainable and social impact

We recognise we have a responsibility to UK businesses and their people to provide simple, cost effective solutions to empower them to understand and start their journey to a more sustainable future whilst delivering social impact.

We have built our platform to mirror the Governments current SECR scheme which large businesses in the UK already follow for Carbon emissions reporting whilst removing all the jargon and complexity of the scheme to make all businesses feel like reporting and tracking their carbon footprint is positive and achievable experience. 

Our range of Carbon emission offsetting solutions and services also include social impact and environmental behaviour change guidance which are key elements for any businesses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Our Values

EaaSi_Climate Pos

Ethical & Transparent

Customer First

Drive sustainability and social impact

To be a climate positive voice

We ensure all our services are not identified as “Greenwashing” and we will always try to communicate with your business and your people in a climate positive voice to guard against the rise of Climate anxiety.


Its time to move from intension to action in our fight for climate change and addressing social impact.

We hope EaaSi Carbon can help be your platform for change.


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