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Does your company have a policy for environmental and social impact?

Are you looking to put in place an environmental and social impact policy or enhance your existing one?

It’s a fact that businesses, consumers, suppliers, and employees are rapidly becoming more aware and focused on the environmental and social impact a business has when they consider buying their products and services or even working for them.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR for short is your policy to make your company more socially accountable.  

It’s about companies being more conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society including environmental, social, and economic. 

We have a 3 step solution to help you in the areas of social and environmental impact.


How we help with Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Impact

For any businesses environmental impact policy to be taken seriously, they must at least measure their Carbon footprint on an annual basis.

Without understanding your carbon emissions impact, any great initiatives you put in place as a business to help the environment and reduce climate change cannot be substantiated.

Our brilliant Carbon reporting platform is simple, easy and affordable, and makes the task of collecting your carbon emissions data to report on it as stress free as possible.

Once you understand your annual carbon emissions, you can use our ethical offsetting solution to become a carbon neutral business – allowing you to show your positive impact toward addressing climate change.

Furthermore when you buy any carbon offsetting solution from EaaSi Carbon, it also includes two social impact schemes to make your purchase even more special beyond the environmental impact.


EaaSi_Carbon footprint white

Social Impact

Your social impact as a business may take the form of supporting your local community or charities and initiatives for example. Essentially social impact is how your business better serves communities and people.

How can we further add to your social impact

When you choose to purchase our ethical Carbon offsetting services provided by our awesome partner Play It Green, we add to your social impact in two key ways:

Through tree planting in third world areas of mass deforestation, Play It Green ensures the use of an ’employ to plant’ method to plant trees.

This means people living in extreme poverty can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. Your purchase will not only have an environmental impact, but a hugely positive social impact which benefits communities who desperately need it.

10% of all Carbon offsetting revenues go to a fantastic good cause which you can select from a nominated list after your purchase. If you already have a Play It Green account then we automatically link your purchases so you can use the good cause you have already selected and see your environmental impact in your forest garden. 


good causes

Our 3 Step Impact Solution

You can increase the environmental and social impact of your business, employees and customers alike with us whist achieving a Play It Green standard. 


climate positive workforce

For your business

  • Measure your business carbon footprint both historically and currently with SECR scope 1, 2 or 3
  • Switch to green energy
  • Rebalance the companies historical and current carbon footprint to become carbon neutral
climate positive company blue

For your employees

  • Offset your employees average annual carbon footprint for only £5 per month per person
  • Help educate your employees on becoming more sustainable in a climate positive tone through weekly tips and product replacement incentives
  • Donate 10% of your monthly subscription to a nominated good cause

climate positive product

For your products

  • Add trees to products, services, bookings, and events to help make an impact upon the environment, society, and your business
  • Donate 10% of your monthly subscription to a nominated good cause
  • Benefit from the additional marketing opportunities

We make reporting your
Carbon emissions EaaSi

EaaSi_Annual reporting

Once you’ve switched your business energy and got access to our amazing EaaSi Carbon platform – you can add Carbon emissions reporting for just £60 per site per annum.

We automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy consumption and usage “zero touch”.

With a large part of your Carbon reporting already done, our simple and easy to use platform makes generating your annual carbon report EaaSi.

You can ethically offset your annual carbon emissions with one click to become a carbon neutral business.

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energy with us to -


Compare and switch business energy now

Get access to a fair deal for businesses by offering an online business energy switching calculator which only charges an annual fee for our amazing services

Protect yourself from the “hard sale” tactics of some energy brokers and suppliers who add up to 99.5% of extra hidden, undeclared commission to businesses energy contracts costing potentially £1’000’s per annum extra compared to EaaSi Carbon

Automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy data “zero touch” if you swap your energy supplies to EaaSi Carbon.

Access all your energy supplier invoices in our EaaSi Carbon platform

Gain access to energy suppliers who have been vetted by us to ensure contract certainty.

Grow your sustainable
business with us


Compare and switch business energy now 


Use your annual carbon footprint data as a benchmark to show employees, customers, suppliers and community how you have embraced your impact on climate change for the better.

Use our ethical partners to offset the emissions you have already generated to become a carbon neutral business.

Empower a Climate Positive Workforce through our monthly subscription service with provides ethical offsetting and sustainable education to your employees whilst also giving back to a good cause of your choice.

There’s additional options to add tree planting to your businesses products, services, bookings and events to provide further positive impact to the environment.

We provide you with you own “Forest Garden” to show and share the positive impact you are having as a business to inspire others.


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