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Our Supplier Panel

Our panel of energy suppliers are handpicked and selected on a range of qualifying criteria that matches our requirements and those of our customers.

Our chosen panel of providers must demonstrate a clear track history of providing good value for money solutions supporting by clear and accurate billing and a service that supports their customers when called upon.

As such we only work with tier 1 providers and large established independent providers with a long trading history who have demonstrated reliable and customer focused service for several years.

They must be financially sound with a strong operating balance sheet, offering stability and security of supply.

We have an obligation to our customers to recover all pdf invoices, validate them and use the actual supplier billed information to provide zero-touch carbon reporting.


As such all suppliers must have the ability to produce a pdf invoice, that we can recover directly from them on behalf of our customers. We will store copies of these invoices in a customers digital filing cabinet for viewing purposes.


Any queries on the invoices costs picked up during validation will be also managed directly with your chosen supplier. As such they must have a robust customer service solution to allow us to quickly resolve any such query.


Our current supplier panel consists of the following suppliers:

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