EaaSi Carbon Pricing

Clear, ethical and transparent pricing offering amazing value

We use clever technology like AI and Robotic Process Automation to drive down the prices of the awesome services we deliver to businesses

Why our pricing is so awesome


EaaSi Carbon has been built using some really clever technology called AI and Robotic Process Automation.

It might sound complicated, but put simply it allows us to collect data from lots of different places securely and bring it all together to give you awesome solutions that would normally take humans days to complete and at a price you probably wouldn’t want to pay!

We also have our amazing chatbot EVA who can assist you with questions and queries about how to use the EaaSi Carbon platform. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) – EVA learns from all the comments and questions to then provide an even better service.


Being ethical and transparent is part of our values

We are here to champion

  • Simple, easy and affordable Carbon footprint reporting for “all” UK small to medium size businesses.
  • A fair deal for businesses by offering an ethical online business energy switching calculator which only charges an annual fee for our amazing services.
  • A more sustainable future with a range of integrated solutions for your business, employees and customers alike through Play It Green
  • Providing your carbon footprint data to your customers, suppliers, accountants and trade associations with one click.
  • No hidden commissions with our commission disclosure promise you can save up to 99.5% on commissions when compared to others.

EaaSi Carbon Pricing


Our pricing structure is clear, transparent and extremely cost effective for all businesses. EaaSi Carbon products and services pricing structure.

Switching Your Energy Provider


  • £120 per meter per annum – saving up to 99.5% on the commission added by energy brokers and suppliers

Carbon Reporting (having already switched your energy)

  • £60 per site per annum to add non energy data

Carbon Reporting (without switching your energy)

  • £120 per site per annum

Climate Positive Workforce Subscription

  • £5 per employee per month

Ethical Carbon emissions offsetting

  • Total number of trees needed to offset your business carbon footprint (50p per tree)

Energy Switching Comparison


We offer so much more value than traditional energy brokers and switching sites.

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