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Drive sustainability and social impact through technology

We are a UK based impact platform that helps small to medium sized businesses track, understand and report on their carbon emissions whilst automating the collection of their emissions data, zero touch, as much as possible, to make the whole process a positive and engaging experience.

We also aid their move towards Net Zero by providing ethical and transparent options for switching their business energy to green energy supplier tariffs, whilst using technology to provide a whole host of additional benefits and services currently unparalleled.



Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go to the trouble of calling or emailing us, our frequently asked questions could help you find a quick solution.

Yes just head on over to our energy switching calculator and enter your details to obtain a gas or electricity quote from a range of suppliers.

Yes, once you have chosen a supplier, simply enter your contract details and we will send you a digital contract for signature.

We believe in a fair deal for businesses by offering an online business energy switching calculator which only charges an annual fee for our amazing services.

Whichever supplier you choose, we only add £120 per annum to your energy contract which could save you up to 99.5% on the hidden commission that other suppliers and energy brokers don’t declare on their quotes.

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