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Climate Positive Business - Our views are changing


“A recent You Gov survey showed 46% of UK businesses are already planning to become climate positive”



87% of Millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues



“Nearly 6 out of 10 consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact”



Large businesses are already reviewing their existing supply chain and expect their “partners” to be on the same Climate Positive journey to Net Zero.



Carbon emissions reporting, where do you start?

All businesses within the UK are looking for assistance in the area of sustainability but are unsure where to start and to what lengths they should go to. What should you measure, what should you focus on, what would your customers and employees want you to do?

Where do you start when the information in the media and industry is so confusing and complicated?

Did you know the Government already has a Carbon reporting scheme for businesses?

The Government created a scheme called SECR – (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) which around 11,000 of the UK’s largest businesses already follow to report their carbon emissions in their annual filed business accounts with companies house.

We believe you should follow this format as it means if the Government decides to lower the threshold on the size of businesses who have to report their annual carbon emissions, then you will already be compliant with such changes.


What emissions does SECR cover?

The Government SECR scheme is breaks down carbon emissions into 3 reporting sections:


Scope 1



Scope 2


Scope 3



The emissions directly under your control

  • Fuel used in your company vehicles (diesel, petrol, lgp)
  • Fuel used to operate Biomass and other fired processes (wood chippings etc)
  • Natural Gas to heat your buildings or use in other processes
  • Other fuels to operate machinery or processes (coal, burning oil, gas oil, fuel oil)

Emissions resulting from electricity, heat and steam

  • Electricity used within your buildings and premises
  • Heat and steam if it purchased and delivered from offsite

Other emissions which are not under your direct control

  • Employees mileage using personal vehicles for work purposes
  • Travel (Bus, train, London underground, taxi, flights)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • All other products and services you purchase and their associated emissions

Annual carbon emissions reporting

There are 6 key steps to completing your annual carbon emissions report:


  1. Find out your financial year
  2. Collect all your Scope 1 & 2 emissions data (mandatory)
  3. Collect any Scope 3 emissions data (optional)
  4. Generate your annual carbon emissions report using the governments formulas for calculating each categories emission totals
  5. Offset your carbon emissions to become Carbon Neutral (optional)
  6. Give your Carbon emissions report to your accountant or audit partner to file in your annual company accounts

Energy Quotes for Business Made EaaSi

Using the latest RPA and AI technology, we automate a large part of this process making carbon emissions reporting a lot more manageable and cost effective than you would think.

Why Carbon+ from EaaSi Carbon


Our Carbon+ reporting module mirrors the Government SECR scheme for Scope 1,2 & 3 carbon emission types



Our Carbon+ reporting module mirrors the Government SECR scheme for Scope 1,2 & 3 carbon emission types



You can ethically offset your annual carbon emissions with one click to become a carbon neutral business*



You can report your emissions from only £60 per site per annum**



We can save you even more time by automating the reporting of your energy consumption “zero touch” when you ethically switch your energy through EaaSi Carbon

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Generate your annual carbon report and share with your supply chain, trade associations, existing and prospective customers either directly or through social media channels

EaaSi_Annual reporting_purple

Share your annual carbon reporting data with your accountant to make adding your emissions data to your annual filed accounts as seamless as possible


More great reasons to choose us for business energy switching


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We make reporting your
Carbon emissions EaaSi

EaaSi_Annual reporting

Once you’ve switched your business energy and got access to our amazing EaaSi Carbon platform – you can add Carbon emissions reporting for just £60 per site per annum.

We automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy consumption and usage “zero touch”.

With a large part of your Carbon reporting already done, our simple and easy to use platform makes generating your annual carbon report EaaSi.

You can ethically offset your annual carbon emissions with one click to become a carbon neutral business.

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energy with us to -


Compare and switch business energy now

Get access to a fair deal for businesses by offering an online business energy switching calculator which only charges an annual fee for our amazing services

Protect yourself from the “hard sale” tactics of some energy brokers and suppliers who add up to 99.5% of extra hidden, undeclared commission to businesses energy contracts costing potentially £1’000’s per annum extra compared to EaaSi Carbon

Automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy data “zero touch” if you swap your energy supplies to EaaSi Carbon.

Access all your energy supplier invoices in our EaaSi Carbon platform

Gain access to energy suppliers who have been vetted by us to ensure contract certainty.

Grow your sustainable
business with us


Compare and switch business energy now 


Use your annual carbon footprint data as a benchmark to show employees, customers, suppliers and community how you have embraced your impact on climate change for the better.

Use our ethical partners to offset the emissions you have already generated to become a carbon neutral business.

Empower a Climate Positive Workforce through our monthly subscription service with provides ethical offsetting and sustainable education to your employees whilst also giving back to a good cause of your choice.

There’s additional options to add tree planting to your businesses products, services, bookings and events to provide further positive impact to the environment.

We provide you with you own “Forest Garden” to show and share the positive impact you are having as a business to inspire others.


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The smart way to save on your business energy bills with zero touch carbon reporting, and no hidden commissions with our commission disclosure promise*

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