Carbon Reporting Software

EaaSi Carbon Reporting Software uses smart technology to collect your energy data from lots of different sources and brings it together in a secure place where it can be audited, monitored and analysed.

Carbon reporting software

Carbon reporting software

Whilst the saying ‘If you can measure it, you can manage it’ is most commonly associated with the principles of business management, it’s a theory which also resonates among experts in the field of carbon footprint reporting.

When the leading business management guru, Peter Druker, originally coined the phrase in the mid twentieth century, it’s unlikely he envisaged how it would apply to the twenty first century digital platforms designed to calculate and mitigate carbon footprints.

But he’d have no doubt appreciated the synergy in thinking… because when it comes to carbon footprint software, what gets measured, gets managed.

And that over-arching philosophy is the key to how and why EaaSi Carbon works.

EaaSi Carbon reporting software delivers an intuitive platform for businesses to better understand their carbon footprint. Once they learn how to measure their carbon emissions, they can then learn how to manage those emissions – either by reducing them or off-setting them.

EaaSi Carbon has been designed using smart technology called AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which uses intelligent automation technologies to perform repetitive tasks.

OK, so this is where it gets technical…

We could talk about APIs (that’s Application Programming Interfaces for the uninitiated!) and UIs (User Interface) Interactions… and throw in a few more impressive sounding acronyms. But we won’t…

Because we like to Keep It Simple…

Essentially, EaaSi Carbon reporting software uses software to perform tedious, high-volume, time-consuming business activities, freeing up human resources to assume the more complex tasks – as well as those interactions that require a more personal connection or strategic intervention.

So, RPA is one smart cookie because it allows your business to maximise the ROI (there we go with the acronyms again… Return On Investment) from your employees.

In effect, this technology mimics those mundane, recurring back-office tasks that would typically take office workers hours to process.

We’re talking about chores such as form filling, moving files and data extraction – the type which could be cost-prohibitive for businesses to process. So much so that sometimes they avoid doing them altogether.

But can a business afford not to invest in these processes…?

We don’t believe so. Not when it comes to data extraction – and certainly not when it comes to understanding your outgoings… particularly those regular, consumable costs which can rack up in no time when you’re not paying attention to them.

Costs such as energy.

So businesses need this kind of data in order to be able to make informed decisions on how to manage their outgoings – both sterling and carbon – and keep them set at a minimum.

EaaSi Carbon reporting software uses smart technology to collect your energy data from lots of different sources and brings it together in a secure place where it can be audited, monitored and analysed.

We also have our amazing chatbot EVA that can assist you with questions and queries about how to use the EaaSi Carbon platform.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence… cough) EVA learns from all the comments and questions to then provide an even better service.

By using smart technology, Eaasi Carbon reporting software can drive down the cost of the services it delivers to businesses likes yours.

For just £60 per site per annum, EaaSi Carbon will automate the collection of your energy consumption data to ensure that whatever terms you originally signed up to with your energy supplier remain in place – and remain competitive.

Our system also aligns with the UK Government’s SECR (OK, OK… Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) platform which gives businesses a framework to measure their carbon footprint.

The SECR scheme breaks down carbon emissions into three main categories:

  • Scope 1 relates to the emissions directly under the control of your business such as the fuel used in company vehicles or to heat buildings.
  • Scope 2 refers to emissions from electricity, heat and steam generated by your business.
  • Scope 3 covers those emissions not directly under the control of your business, such as the fuel used by your employees to get to work.

Currently, only the larger businesses in the UK – just over 11,000 – are required by law to report on their carbon emissions (but only in relation to scope 1 and scope 2, which are mandatory – scope 3 remains voluntary).

But our view is that it makes sound business sense to mirror this in organisations of all sizes simply because it’s good practice.

By demonstrating how you manage, measure and mitigate your carbon emissions, your business will stand out among those customers, stakeholders and personnel who set great store by a company’s green credentials.

And from a practical perspective, it also puts you at an advantage should Government thresholds change and more businesses are required to report their annual carbon emissions… because those businesses that have voluntarily put these processes into action will be ahead of the curve compared to their competitors should that day arrive.

Don’t worry if this all sounds daunting.

Just believe us when we say EaaSi Carbon’s clever technology will collect all your emissions data and generate your company’s annual carbon emissions report, even calculating the totals for each category.

Not only that, EaaSi Carbon’s carbon reporting software can produce a report for your accountant or audit partner to file in your annual company accounts. Seamless. Visible. Credible. So it’s there in black and white for all to see.

What is more, should you decide to switch your energy supplier through EaaSi Carbon to one of our vetted and approved ethical energy providers, we can save you even more time by automating the reporting of your energy consumption.

Our energy switching calculator is available to businesses for an annual fee, meaning you can access fair deals across the energy marketplace, confident that you’re not being charged excessive commissions that providers and brokers are not obliged to disclose.

Not bad for £60 per annum per site….

And EaaSi Carbon can even offset those emissions to render your business carbon neutral. But that’s another story for another day. (Suffice to say, with Eaasi Carbon you can ethically offset your annual carbon emissions in just one click… )

So you see, once you learn how to measure your company’s carbon emissions, you can manage it – whether that’s through reducing the amount of carbon your business consuming or by offsetting it altogether.

Ultimately, the result hinges on trusting both the integrity of the data and the clarity of the automated process…. because let’s face it, in our world GI-GO (you remember….Garbage in, Garbage out… ) is a total No-Go.

And I can’t help but think Peter Druker would have approved of that.

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