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The current business energy switching problem

The Federation of Small Businesses found that 65% of their members surveyed believed it was too difficult to compare and switch business energy tariffs.  Many are confused by the choice available and don’t have the time to shop around.


What do I need to consider before switching

Before your decide to switch your energy provider, have you considered all the things you should be thinking about before you make a decision? Here are some of the things you should consider to make yourself completely comfortable with your decision

Do you know your contract end dates?


If you are going switch providers it’s important that you understand your contract end date and give it to your new supplier so to make sure the contract you are signing will still be valid when you switch. Some suppliers will put your actual contract end date on your energy invoices.

Do you need to give notice?


Most suppliers require you to give them notice so that you have the option to move to another supplier at the end of your contract.

Some suppliers will roll you on to a new contract with a tariff of their choice if you don’t provide them notice so its always worth checking your notice period before switching.

Is 100% green energy important to your business?


If your business is looking to be more sustainable, make sure your quote for electricity is a 100% green tariff. It’s worth noting that its not currently viable for most suppliers to quote for a 100% green Gas tariff.


Do I know if a single supplier, energy broker or a call centre cold call is offering the best value?


It’s really important that you have a benchmark to measure the prices you have been offered.

Energy prices can change on an hourly basis so its really difficult to compare one tariff against another if you don’t do it on the same day. 

We would recommend that you consider using a business energy switching site who confirms how much commission they are adding to your contract, this way you can be confident the supplier tariffs are relevant to compare and you know how much you are paying for the switching service.

Should I expect to see cheaper rates than my current contract?


It’s very likely right now that your new energy tariff is going to be higher if your existing contract is coming to an end, so be prepared for this.

What happens if I don’t renew my current contract?


Some suppliers will roll you on to a new contract with a tariff of their choice if you don’t provide them notice or your tariff will be changed to “Deemed rates” or more simply put “Out of Contract rates”.

Your “Out of Contract rates” are normally reflective of the daily price of energy with some supplier margin added. Its worth noting out of contract rates change on a monthly basis and can be up to 4 times more than your contract tariff that has just expired.


Could I make any other improvement to how I manage my energy?


Managing your energy contract is definitely easier if you have access to an online billing portal to review and download your invoices.

Does your business require you to understand your energy consumption for budgeting or carbon reporting? If so definitely consider a supplier or service which gives you this data digitally.


How much commission is being added to my energy contract?


Do you know how much commission is being added to your energy contract?

Unlike products like personal mortgages where a provider has to declare how much commission you are paying within the deal, energy suppliers and brokers do not have to tell you therefore you could be paying £1000s in extra costs hidden within your energy tariff.

7 brilliant reasons to switch with EaaSi Carbon


Trusted supplier panel


Our panel of energy suppliers are handpicked and selected on a range of qualifying criteria and must demonstrate a clear track record of providing a service that supports their customers when called upon. They must also be financially sound whilst offering stability and security of energy supply.



100% Green Energy Options


To meet your sustainability goals, we provide a range of 100% green energy tariff options.



All your invoices in one place


We give you access to all your supplier invoices in our EaaSi Carbon platform giving you one location to access all your energy invoices forever more.


EaaSi_Small business

We check your contract prices


Did you know up to 1 in 5 energy invoices can be incorrect? As we collect your supplier invoices to put in our platform, we then check the rates on your invoice against your contract rates to make sure your getting the prices you were promised.



Collection of your energy consumption


We read all your consumption from your energy invoices and put it into our EaaSi Carbon platform zero touch – so you can easily keep on track of your energy usage.



Your energy data available in our carbon reporting platform


Energy consumption is one of the most difficult pieces of data to collect for your carbon emissions reporting. We automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy consumption and usage “zero touch”.



Save up to 99.5% on the commission added to your business energy contract


Energy brokers and suppliers don’t have to declare how much they add to your contract and could be charging you £1,000’s per annum in undeclared commissions. Our declared commission of only £120 per annum could save you up to 99.5% to the commission added to your contract.

More great reasons to choose us for business energy switching


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We make reporting your
Carbon emissions EaaSi

EaaSi_Annual reporting

Once you’ve switched your business energy and got access to our amazing EaaSi Carbon platform – you can add Carbon emissions reporting for just £60 per site per annum.

We automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy consumption and usage “zero touch”.

With a large part of your Carbon reporting already done, our simple and easy to use platform makes generating your annual carbon report EaaSi.

You can ethically offset your annual carbon emissions with one click to become a carbon neutral business.

Compare and switch business energy now

Switch your business
energy with us to -


Compare and switch business energy now

Get access to a fair deal for businesses by offering an online business energy switching calculator which only charges an annual fee for our amazing services

Protect yourself from the “hard sale” tactics of some energy brokers and suppliers who add up to 99.5% of extra hidden, undeclared commission to businesses energy contracts costing potentially £1’000’s per annum extra compared to EaaSi Carbon

Automate as much of your carbon reporting as possible by collecting all your energy data “zero touch” if you swap your energy supplies to EaaSi Carbon.

Access all your energy supplier invoices in our EaaSi Carbon platform

Gain access to energy suppliers who have been vetted by us to ensure contract certainty.

Grow your sustainable
business with us


Compare and switch business energy now 


Use your annual carbon footprint data as a benchmark to show employees, customers, suppliers and community how you have embraced your impact on climate change for the better.

Use our ethical partners to offset the emissions you have already generated to become a carbon neutral business.

Empower a Climate Positive Workforce through our monthly subscription service with provides ethical offsetting and sustainable education to your employees whilst also giving back to a good cause of your choice.

There’s additional options to add tree planting to your businesses products, services, bookings and events to provide further positive impact to the environment.

We provide you with you own “Forest Garden” to show and share the positive impact you are having as a business to inspire others.


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