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Mandatory Carbon Reporting – Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before with surveys suggesting that approximately 60% will consider the impact a company has on the environment when deciding whether to purchase goods or services.

Mandatory Carbon Reporting

Mandatory Carbon Reporting Process

Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before with surveys suggesting that approximately 60% will consider the impact a company has on the environment when deciding whether to purchase goods or services.

It’s also worth noting that according to a Forbes survey 87% of millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues.

To add further pressure on UK SME’s to consider their impact on the environment, the UK Government is in consultation to increase the number of UK businesses which have a mandatory requirement to report their carbon emissions in their filed annual accounts. Nearly 11,000 of the biggest businesses in the UK must report on their annual emissions through Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).

Whether your business is already on the path to becoming carbon neutral or climate positive, you want to address climate change but don’t know where to start or you haven’t considered it at all.  It’s clear the pressures from the Government, consumers, and employees are going to make having an environmental policy that identifies and addresses your business’s impact on climate change critical to your business’s continued viability and success.

Addressing Climate change starts by understanding your impact as a business

A recent YouGov report stated that 46% of UK SME’s wanted to understand their impact on the environment but had no idea where to start or what types of activities they should be monitoring.

Your business has a carbon footprint and if you follow the initial guidelines of the government’s SECR scheme to identify and report on it, you will be using the same language and measurements that larger businesses are already communicating today.

There are 3 SECR scope types or category groupings that make up the Government’s carbon reporting requirements. We recommend you start with their minimum requirements of Scope 1 & 2 which is the reporting of your carbon emissions from the fuel you use in your company vehicles and the energy consumed at your business premises.

However, deciphering the Governments requirements on your own can seem like gobbledegook if you try and follow the guidance on their website.

Also, one of the biggest challenges to producing your own carbon report is obtaining the right data and understanding how to convert this to a meaningful figure that is relatable to your type of business, process, and industry.  Lots of companies avoid this issue by paying for consultants to put their carbon reports together which can be extremely costly and a painfully long-winded process.

Time to make things EaaSi

Starting your journey to generate your own carbon emissions report doesn’t have to be daunting or at a price that is unaffordable to consider when using our EaaSi® Carbon platform.

Our platform is powered by AI technology and it’s the first of its kind to help you collect key data from your energy and vehicle emissions to provide a zero-touch carbon reporting experience at a fraction of the price of when using consultants or other reporting software.

Once you’ve generated your first annual carbon emission’s report, with one click you can offset your carbon footprint to become a carbon-neutral business. You can view emissions data for all your sites in colorful graphs and overviews which makes reviewing and sharing your data a positive experience.

Ethical energy switching included

Rising energy costs impacts us all, and with energy costs now back on a long term upward trend choosing the right energy supplier for your business is critical.  With our EaaSi® Carbon ethical comparison module you can choose from a range of green business energy suppliers and with our transparent commission disclosure, promise can save you up to 99% on undeclared broker fees with all commissions capped at £120 per annum. This transparent approach means no more calls from high-pressure salespeople as you’ll have complete control over your choice of suppliers.

Zero-touch energy data

Switch with us and we will even arrange to collect your invoices directly from the supplier, store them and validate them to provide you with ongoing spend and consumption analysis. Then using your actual bills, we will prepopulate your company’s carbon reports, so you don’t have to worry about using the right data.  Not ready to switch just yet, not a problem, you can still use our full carbon reporting tools until you are ready to do so.

With EaaSi® Carbon we provide a zero-touch approach to help small to medium-sized businesses become net-zero. 

To learn more about Mandatory Carbon Reporting or to start your net-zero journey visit today.

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