Carbon Reporting
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The smart carbon accounting and management platform designed to create relevant carbon reporting insights and actions across your business and supply chain.

EaaSi Carbon® is the perfect tool to make net zero both manageable and measurable. Record and track your companies scope 1,2 and 3 emmissions.

EaaSi Carbon provides and easy way to capture, measure and report your annual carbon emmissions. > Learn More

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The smart way to save on your business electricity and gas bills with no hidden commissions.
Carbon Reporting
The UK's only zero-touch carbon reporting solution that automates the collection of your energy data.
Climate Positive
Make yourself a carbon neutral business, by offsetting your annual carbon emissions with one click.

Getting to Net Zero made EaaSi​

Generate your first annual carbon report.

Our carbon reporting software makes it easy to understand your current carbon emissions and allows you to offset them in one click.

Allowing you to become a Carbon Neutral Business.

EaaSi Carbon footprint

Grow your Sustainable Business

Carbon reporting is only the start


Understanding your initial impact with your carbon footprint report is a great first step, but we all have to do more to reach Net Zero goals. We use tree planting trees alongside sustainability education to help you.

We also make charitable donations and support international community projects which can also form part of your company’s Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.  Learn More>

Help your Industry with Climate Change

Your carbon emissions report data is powerful.

EaaSi Carbon Understand

#1 Understand

It gives you the understanding of your impact and your businesses ongoing performance, as we all help to fight climate change.


EaaSi Carbon Build

#2 Build

At EaaSi Carbon we want to use the data collected to provide key insights to the trade associations and industry bodies you are members of so your industry as a whole can start to work together to reduce your overall impact.


EaaSi Carbon Share

#3 Share

Within EaaSi Carbon you can choose who you share your data with to help drive your industries journey to Net Zero.


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You get so much more with our range of services.  

Thats why we are much more than just another carbon reporting tool.

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